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I have requested a modification and got it but I thought it was for permanent since I divorced and am not disabled and no longer making the same. Well I paid the mod but I was told that i need to resubmit. I resubmitted and am married. My wife is not I the loan so her income should not come into play. I am still disabled. I continue to make the mod payments even though they ask for the full amount. How do they expect me to pay in full if I am... Read more

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In stead of people complaining they should call there congressman with a solution. Right now with the economy needing a boost if they could get banks and finance companies to subtract the amout people have already paid on there loan and finance the balance at todays low rates we could put billions of dollars directly into the economy. The government could give these banks tax breaks for ten years or so to recoup there loses. Republicans and... Read more

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My temporary loan mod with HFC expired on 11 1 2011, our payments shot up to $300.00 more a month, it was killing us, so I applied for a permanent or lower rate refi. At 8.35% interest my mortgage note barely gain any grounds, oh almost for got, that not counting 10.5K deferred in interest and fees that they've tacks on before and after the temporary loan mod. The reason of denied letter state that my income exceeds modification program... Read more

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After giving us a large unsecured loan (my ex-husband loved to spend money) with high interest and us paying like clockwork as we do everything, put us on lower interest lower payment due to divorce for 6 months only than jacked it up to where it was before and won't give valid reason or work with us in any way. I have to call them every week and ask status of request for hardship program only to be told every time it is being processed (lack of... Read more

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a coulple of years ago, we were havung problems with our financial institution. We needed to refinance. HFC contacted me and said that they could help me. Ultimatley, they brought me into a mortgage for 11.5% and said that because of my credit after 1 year, they would refinance me for a lower rate. during that year, they stopped processing loans and thus i am stuck with a high interest rate loan. I tried to refinance through anouther... Read more

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HFC is not agreeing to any permanent home loan modifications, only 6-month short term modifications. A class action should be started to require them to permanently modify loans with predatory interest rates (i.e. 7.00% and above. They refuse to deal with their borrowers, and they refuse to deal with loan modification companies and attorneys. They are stone-walling everyone who wants a permanent solution to a predatory interest rate and they... Read more

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My wife & I borrowed $15,000 on a signature loan 10 years ago. At 24.5% interest we owed $19,000 8 years later after paying $400.00 a month. We filed bankruptcy 2 years ago and they were included in final judgement. Our attorney said that if we didn't continue paying them they could foreclose on our home. We refinanced with a reputable loan company whose name begins with "Q" and found out that they could have a lein on our property but... Read more

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I applied for loan,loan rep was very nice. She approved loan and she introduced me to manager. First he was nice ,then he looked at my finances, told me they couldn"t do loan. He insulted me by saying I did not seem my age. He seemed to interragate me as if I was lying about my age and paystubs. He did not act professional. I do not care if he couldn't do it I just felt offended by his rude comments and behavior. He never asked for id... Read more

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